Magnolia (1999)

8/10 Regrets

They said that there was no coincidence . Is there things goes out there is written and just played by everyone ? Or they just do something that have relation to another people ? Related things , related feelings ? But i prefer believe in faith than the coincidence . First of all , this is my first review in English , pardon me for the grammar and the limited vocab , i’m still working on it :p .

When the prologue show up at the beginning , Paul Thomas Anderson , the director , tell us about many coincidences that happen in this world. A mother shot her kid when the kid falling from 10th floor building , or someone maybe met his/her love randomly on the street. Many coincidences happen and sometimes we didn’t know it happened.

The story tell us  about real life , about things around us and maybe while you watching it , you’ll think that you’ve felt that feeling or just did that things once (ah i hope you understand what i mean -__-). So there are 10 people , who have different problems , but strangely somehow they connected each other. A genius kid , who play a reality game show , but unfortunately he just tricked by her dad who just want the prize from the quiz. The emcee of that television game show , have a cancer that grown up in his bones , but at once , he have a family problem that cause his wife run away from him , leaving him with his suffering.

The wife , run to her daughter who have drug problem , she can’t stop use morphine everyday, but finally she have a chance to change. A cop , who came to her house because the neighbor report her to the police because she always turn on the music too loud. That cop , who never did something good at the scene ,  feel love at the first sight and trying to get near to the drug problem daughter.

And so on , so on . The cop connected to a gay who felt like a the most messed up man in the world because he never get something good in this world . And this guy related to that guy , that guy have a touch with that woman , like just i said , and so on , so on and the in the end , the last people have a connection with the first person at the story , that damn genius kid from television game show. So they didn’t realize that they have such as a circle relation between one to another. And mostly , they leave a regret when they met another people who tell them about their problems. Maybe they have a thought that “My problem , just as small as sand than his problems”

The problems raised from mean problems that happen nowadays , but that didn’t make this movie crispy. Actually this simple issues make this movie worth to watch , tell us to do the good thing while we still alive ,  respect our parent as it should to be , appreciate our children and do another much good things more. This movie slap you right on your face if you have same things that experienced by one of those character. It such a good things because it can make you think for a while and try to do a better things in the future.

For the cast , i guess Tom Cruise should have a credit. His character , a high confidence man who write a book and give a seminar about a how to try seduce a woman ,  but actually in the past he have terrible family problems . It makes the presenter who interview him wondering why Tom lying to everyone that he have a spectacular and perfect life , but actually he carries so much problems that need to share to someone else. So the conclusion is , this movie worth to watch , beside the 3 hours duration (take a snack when you watch this movie)  and prepare for the creepy weather thing at the last 10 minutes of the movie .

Directed By : Paul Thomas Anderson

Cast : Tom Cruise , Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy, Philip Baker Hall, Melora Walters, Jeremy Blackman

Runtime : 188 Minutes

You’ll Like If You Like : Boogie Night , Valentine Day , New York I Love You 


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