X-Men : First Class (2011)

8/10 Freshmen Year

They came back from where the first time they’ve met. I’m not a real fan of X-Men series , especially The Wolverine who got many critiques . But i really enjoyed when i was watching this movie. How the hero met , their past story , the reasons why they choose right or wrong . Many reasons that you don’t know when watched the first and second movie answered on it.

The spoiler is , Charles Xavier who got Professor title on genetic science when he was 24 , called by a CIA agent who met ‘creature’ that Charles wrote in his paper. Charles very excited to join the investigation to know if there are any other men who have special ability like him.

Things gone worse because there was a mutant, Shaw who want to turn on the world war III with hopes if every human destroying each other , then they can take the advantage an take the responsibility to rule the world. Feel he have a responsibility to fix this problems , Charles and the others (X-Men gang) try to face the mutant who want make the world wreck. Magneto , who have his own past with Shaw want make a revenge and try to warn the other mutant that they involved in war with wrong enemy . They should face the real enemy , human.

The most interesting on this movie is their history . Yes , where they came from was the main attraction for me about this movie. Despite there is many hero still untold  (Cyclops , , this movie was a good start to open the mystery about every character in X-Men. At one scene , when Professor-X use the thing that Beast made for him for tracking other mutant  , it show me where Storm was , and Hugh Jackman at a bar who just sit , drinking a beer and said “Just fuck up” 😀 .

Other interesting part of the movie is , it’s not tell us about Professor X’s story , which is he was the main character . But it tell us about Magneto’s . His past when he was a kid at NAZI’s camp , how his mother killed , and most mainly story of the film is how about Magneto try to avenge Shaw who killed her mother. And interestingly , Magneto was a good guy. Until Shaw affected him with “human was enemy” & “we should rule the world” things. James McAvoy who involved in Wanted and Atonement which get an Oscar , show his quality. His charisma match well with Chales Xavier character , good cast.

If you a real X-Men fans then it’s a must to watch this movie . But if you don’t like the X-Men movies before it, then you should give a try , because it have it own way to make you like it . The switch of the director maybe affect it a little much for the style. So watch it and you’ll stun while you watching it by the way.

Magneto forgot that Charles can read his mind didn't he ? 😀

Directed By : Matthew Vaughn

Cast : James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender,Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence

Runtime : 132 Minutes

Genre : Action , Adventure , Drama

You’ll Like If You Like : Heroes (TV Series) , Push


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