Brief Review (Asian Movies)

It’s rare for me to review Asian Movies because my knowledge is limited about it. But in this post , i’ll review any movies that i have watched (Most of them are Thailand movies , Indonesia must learn from them to make a simple but good movie) , so check it out fellas .

1. A Little Thing Called Love (2010)

Directed By : Puttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn, Wasin Pokpong

Cast :  Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon, Mario Maurer , Acharanat Ariyaritwikol

Runtime : 118 Minutes

Genre : Romance , Comedy

Also Known As : A Crazy Little Thing Called Love , Sing lek lek tee reak wa rak

You’ll Like If You Like : Hello Stranger 

Rate : 8/10 Love at the first sight 

P’Shone . Hell , girls must know this character and want him so much to be true in this real life (Are boys in real life is that sucks ?) . This movie was booming when it played at Blitz , most of my friend recommended it if i want to watch a comedy-drama movie. The plot is about Nam , a nerd who always sit behind her book but at a time she falling in love at her first sight to her senior , Shone , a good looking boy who attract every single girl at her school. Nam who usually never care about what she wear , start to change her look , everything for P’Shone , she will do anything to make P’Shone look at her. Include join the drama group that she not sure she could do some acting stuff.

This story really sweet , how the love stay in someone heart for a long time even things turn bad sometimes. Actually the idea is really simple . How the girl falling in love to a boy , she thought the boy not like him , the boy had his girlfriend who super beautiful , more than she , then at the latest time , they finally know that what they want for themselves. There s one scene that really sad ,when Nam said how her feeling to Shone at the graduation day, Shone already have a girlfriend , then Nam fell to the swimming pool while she was crying.

2. Alone (2007)

Directed By : Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom

Cast :  Marsha Wattanapanich, Vittaya Wasukraipaisan , Ratchanoo Bunchootwong

Runtime : 90 Minutes

Genre : Drama , Horror , Mystery

You’ll Like If You Like : Shutter , Coming Soon

Rate : 7/10 Twinnies

It’s rare for me to review Asian Movies .. and rarer to watch Asian Horror Movies.. haha , especially Thailand Horror Movies , because the set of places , situation , the condition , are similar with the condition in my country , Indonesia (and the ghost are similar too 😛 ) . I watched this movie with  my high school friends at midnight after took a night course (yes we are really brave) , and the cinema is really quite and made the mood scary for us. The funny things is after the movie end , we got free fried potatoes because someone left it away just like that (the amount is still many). So you know what we were did ..

This movie was getting attention when it released at 2007 , because the director is the same man who directed Shutter which became favorite horror movie at 2004 , even in Indonesia , this movie get special attention from Horror moviefreaks. The story is about Pim’s life , which really perfect until she got terrorized by her twin sister ghost because Pim will marry her sister love. But in the end of movie , we’ll get some explanation about Pim , and her sister Ploy’s past , and why the ghost is haunted her. The plot is unguessed , in the middle of movie you’ll say “ooooo” when you already know what happens. Good movie with a good idea.

3. 4bia (2008)

Directed By : Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom

Cast :   Maneerat Kham-uan, Witawat Singlampong, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Chon Wachananon

Runtime : 240 Minutes

Genre : Horror , Mystery

Also Known As : Phobia , See prang

You’ll Like If You Like : Shutter , Alone

Rate : 7/10  Scary, Scary , Comedy , Very Scary

With this movie , the viewers already know that the directors , Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom are a Best Thailand Horror Movie director of the decade. The movie is contain 4 segment . So it just like there are 4 short movie at one DVD. First segment is about a woman who feel looked by someone that she can’t find (or probably she can’t see). Her ankle was in injury so she can’t move fast. Try to rest in her room , she haunted by a ghost that slowly shown his form to her. The second segment is about black magic which used by a boy who bullied by his friends in the school. At a time , she got trouble that make him killed , but after that , his soul haunt people who always make him suffer when he still alive.

The third segment is the funny one , which directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun. It’s about 4 guys who go to camp , but tragically run to an accident when they was riding a boat. And the last segment was the most horrible. The story was about a stewardess who unlucky to accompany a dead body in a flight (creepy). In my opinion the last segemnt is the scariest part of this movie.

4. Phobia 2 (2009)

Directed By : Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom

Cast :   Erika Toda, Nattapong Chartpong , Pongsatorn Jongwilak, Wiwat Kongrasri, Jirayu La-ongmanee

Runtime : 125 Minutes

Genre : Horror , Mystery

Also Known As : Ha phraeng

You’ll Like If You Like : 4bia , Ladda Land

Rate : 7/10  Sequel 

Yup , this is the sequel of 4bia , just took a year to produced the second movie. This movie contained 5 segment which as scary (and funny though) as the first movie. The story contain about the teenager who has sins a go to sacred place to have a meditation and stuff , a guy who was haunted by other guy’s soul who have coma condition , a couple who have a backpacker trip but get troubled when they met a drug dealer who carry the drug inside the dead bodies , and the last segment is about an actress that take a part in a film shooting , but actually the ‘real’ one was sleep in the hospital.

After this movie , the directors Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom who always directed horror movies together was separated. Banjong Pisanthanakun change the concentration to start produced a comedy romantic movie such as Hello Stranger , but Parkpoom Wongpoom keep walking on the line and directed horror movie such as Ladda Land. Well , dynamic duo were already end .

5. Crows Zero II (2009)

Directed By :Takashi Miike

Cast :   Shun Oguri, Kyôsuke Yabe, Meisa Kuroki, Takayuki Yamada

Runtime : 133 Minutes

Genre : Action , Fighting

Also Known As : Kurozu Zero II

You’ll Like If You Like : 4bia , Ladda Land

Rate : 6/10  Getting Regional

After conquered the Suzuran Highschool , Genji get troubled when he met the alumnus of Suzuran who was released from the prison , pursued by Hosen Academy boys because he was killed their senior . Things got complex when Genji try to avenge Housen , but the Suzuran Alumnus who making this trouble join a mafia who want kill Genji’s father.

Well , the badass coming back to town , it’s really nice to watch the fighting scene in this movie , but in the same time i’ve got bored watching this. It’s like “after 10 minutes of talking we’re gonna fighting” and there it is : the fighting scene. And the other things which really annoying is the opening movie have a same song with the same band , it’s like there is no other band in Japan who have same spirit song but that band. Well , sorry if that’s a little rough , but really , it’s boring you know watching to different movies with same band .. just saying ..


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