Alex Turner – Submarine

Tracklist :
1. Stuck on the Puzzle (Intro)
2. Hiding Tonight
3. Glass in the Park
4. It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind
5. Stuck on the Puzzle 
6. Piledriver Waltz 

Remember Alex Turner , the frontman of Artic Monkeys ? Well , here it is , the very first EP of him who started build his solo career. Decided to fill the music soundtrack for The Submarine movie , Alex give us a different taste music that we always heard from Artic Monkeys. Artic Monkeys music have a high tempo (except the new album that they sounds like Oasis) with frequent distortion , but this in this album , Alex make a simple yet slow instrument till my dad said “this is like John Lennon’s music”

Well , this album not a kind of album that you want to repeat again and again. Why ? Because in my opinion , six songs of this album have similar tone . The only difference from one song to another is just the instrument that Alex played for each song. Hiding Tonight , Glass In The Park and It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind Yes just contain acoustic guitar for the instrument. Stuck on the Puzzle  and Piledriver Waltz  have a little different with another songs , because these songs have a full band instrument int the song. It’s kinda boring to hear this album too often , but it’s not a problem if you mix it with another slow-song band in your ipod.

Artist : Alex Turner

Label : Domino Records

Genre : Pop , Baroque Pop

Recommended Songs : Piledriver Waltz, Stuck on the Puzzle 

Rate : 7/10


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