Dead Poets Society (1989)

9/10 Carpe Diem

Seize the day . Face the world . What an inspiring movie . Thank you Peter Weir for made a great movie that possibly change people who saw it. If you are not watch this movie yet , you must step aside for about 2 hours with your DVD’s set to watch this .

After August Rush , This Dead Poets Society was another inspiring movie which Robin Williams was involved with , and maybe tomorrow or tonight i’ll watch Good Will Hunting . Hope this movie is as good as the first two movies that i’ve watched. So , what’s make this movie worth to watch?

In our life , and mostly in people life , we felt enough to stay in our comfort zone , for a college student like me , maybe you think it’s enough if i pass my exam , have good GPA , graduate , get a job which have the best salary then get rich . Well , people don’t blame them who really want to do that if they really have a passion in themselves when they do that kind of things. But mostly , people always do what makes them feel great outside , but in the inside , they feel regret , curious , worry , why ? Because honestly they want to do another things that make them really alive.

Another point that really make me impressed was this movie remind us to see things in different point of view . You know , people including myself sometimes blame a tiny thing that happen and  then feel like we are the poorest men that ever live. Well, just try to rolling your eyes guys , look what you get in different way . Well , sometimes maybe yes something really stab you in the back , but i’m sure that more beautiful things happens to us , but we refuse to acknowledge it.

Well , i’m not in the mood to write the short storyline (maybe i’ll write it latter) , but if you really curious about it i tell you just a little : This story is about a favorite highschool where the students studied to be the best in what they studying. To be engineer , doctor , and anything else that people need it. And then there was John Keating , an English teacher who teach the student in unique ways such as rip out the preface of the book , stand on the table to see something in different point of view . But sadly , things are not runs according to plan , but someway somehow you still take a good part from something that happens.

You know , if you are looking for a movie that can change your life , maybe you must try to watch this movie . Take the good part from it , and live it in your life. Seize the day my friend .

Directed By : Peter Weir

Cast : Robin Williams , Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Josh Charles, Allelon Ruggiero, James Waterston

Runtime : 128 Minutes

Genre : Drama


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