Super 8 (2011)

8/10 Alien movie that worth to watch

Well , it’s good to write in here again you know , my activities nowadays  force me to take a little bit attention to it . You know , last year college students stuff and things .. haha .

Super 8 , maybe for some people was the most wanted movie they want to see because it’s trailer very uninformative and yes , the director made the trailer very nice because it made people curious and really want to see this movie.

People argue , trying to guess what is the movie really was . Someone said this is about a superhero , i don’t know , maybe because the word super on the title . Another guess this movie is about an alien , and some of them guessed this is the sequel of Cloverfield , the movie about alien that J.J Abrams directed in 2008. Well , they all deceived by the trailer.

Super 8 is actually a name for a camera that used by a bunch of kids who trying to make a movie . When they are shooting a scene near a rail track , they witness a train crash between the train and a truck  which deliberately crash the truck to the train. After the all explosions , they see a strange incident . The train was punched from inside , and from the result , they know something big and strong was inside the train.

Trying to avoid the problem , they leave the scene and pretend there is nothing happened . But suddenly , the next day there are much soldier who evacuate the scene where the train accident happened. People who asking what actually happen near their home was trying to find something , but they must accept the condition that they must be evacuated because of the issue that their home is in dangerous situation.

It was nice to see teenagers act for a science fiction movie , because they’ve made the movie really enjoyable to watch. In my opinion , if the character was played by the adults , it’s gonna be boring and yeah maybe you’ll gonna yawn all the time. Best credit must pointed to Elle Fanning who have a beautiful act (and impression too :p) . Maybe in the next ten years she’s gonna be another Emma Watson or Emma Stone .

Well , it’s a good movie , the plot of the story was packaged well , and maybe sometimes it can make your heartbeat reverberates while watching the teenagers chased by the alien . And the important thing is , Steven Spielberg was taking a part in this movie , so , he never disappointed us right , except for the Transformers series of course .. It’s a movie that worth to watch , the saddest things happen in this movie is when one of the teenage boy , trying to take the memories with his mother who already pass away. Just watch this movie before it stale soon ..

Directed By : J.J Abrams 

Cast :  Elle Fanning, Amanda Michalka ,Kyle Chandler , Ryan Lee, Gabriel Basso

Runtime : 112 Minutes

Genre : Action , Sci-Fi , Drama

You’ll Like If You Like : Cloverfield


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