The Terminal (2004)

8/10 Krakhozian Badass !
Maybe this is the latest Tom Hank’s well known and good movie which have a caliber to enter Oscar nomination . (And it comes from 2004?).

This movie is really random (in a good meaning). As usual , good storyline from Spielberg who can think this idea , foreign man in the foreign country and stuck in it like a fish in the aquarium . You can go around but you never really can ‘go around’ . The quality of Tom Hanks shown again in this movie. An overwhelming foreigner who can’t wait to mark his first step at US land , tragically must face the truth that his country blow up became a warzone , and technically his country is lost from the world map during the war , and it effect Viktor Navorski (Hanks) to become a man with no country.

Stuck in airport for undecidable time , Navorski find much truths of people that he met , and he experience many things that really enjoyable to watch. Suspected as a secret agent , success businessman by the others , but everyone guess a thing right , that Navorski was a man with full love. He help an air hostess with her love problems , but accidentally Navorski falling in love with her. He help a cleanermen to propose a woman that never talk to him. And Navorski heard a dilemma Gupta , another cleanermen from India , who came from India and never go back to his homeland because a sad reason.

In this movie , Spielberg smartly show me that we can have a good story , a good life lessons , by seeing an object in unique place and from different perspective too. How many times we pay attention to a cleaner , although everyday we passed by with him , and it becomes fewer number to know how many people who know where the cleaner live , when he clean the room work , or who is his wife , what’s his problems now . Spielberg bring such as that problems in this movie , and Navorski was the bridge to know a little secret of people at the airport.

Another good things that i can get from this movie is we must not give in every hard situation we’ll face. Navorski , in the first time he land in America , just can speak “Yes” and the address that he must get through. But because he unable to go where he want , just around the terminal , he go to the store book everytime he can and read English books there because he didn’t have enough money to buy it. The power of intention is really works here.

this scene is too hilarious , i can't stop laughed when i'm watching it ūüėÄ

This movie is really fun to watch because in one scene , maybe it was too dramatic (especially for Stanley Tucci) , but in another scene , you’ll see the romantic scene about Navorski who want to get attention from the stewardess that he fall in love with , and the end of this problems have a good ending too . If you follow the Hank’s movie and didn’t watch it yet , then you must watch this movie because it’ really worth to watch , and this movie is better than the latest Hank’s movies such as Larry Crowne and The Da Vinci Code .

Directed By : Steven Spielberg

Cast : Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones , Chi McBride, Stanley Tucci, Zoe Saldana, Kumar Pallana, Barry Shabaka Henley

Runtime : 128 Minutes

Genre : Comedy , Drama , Romance


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