Apollo 18 (2011)

6/10 So where’s the safe place?

Honestly, horror thingy is not my type at all. I declared a war to horror movies since i was at elementary school when i watched Jelangkung. But in highschool, i frequently watched Thailand horror movies (with my friends :]) but after that i tried to wave these kind of movies.

But a about a week ago, i watched Insidious, and that was like my first horror movies for about 3 years, and i felt like “It’s kind of fun”. But like cutting school when you at school or college, there are rules to make horror movies are worth to watch (i take this from The Art of Getting By with a little modification..).

Rule number 1, watch a horror movie is fun (exactly same thing with cutting school right?)

Rule number 2, cut rarely to preserve the specialness (well, what can i say, i watch horror movies very rare ..)

Rule Number 3, “you’re a dork”, who the hell say that by the way? ehm.. Rule number 3 is .. Noodle . What? Why? haha just try it. Where the scene in the movie is going to night scene (when the frightening creature almost come), and then the backsound increase the beat (and your heartbeat too), you’re mouth are automatically sucking the noodle faster than you know 😀

Ok ok back to the Apollo thing, well basically this is not a genuine horror movie, it’s about 3 astronouts who sent out to the moon with their secret mission from Departement of Defense. But in the prologue of the movie, this movie inspired from a real footage that someone uploaded at http://www.lunartruth.com , but i can’t access this site that make me more curious. Is it just propaganda or something, idk.

Well, the 3 astronouts were sent out of Earth’s orbit, but just 2 of them landed on the moon. Technically they must take a sample of moon’s rock and then go back to Earth. But sadly, one of the astronout feel something bad will happen to them. And yes it is true, Nate (the astronout’s name) have a contact with an extra-terrestrial thing. He injured near his stomatch and found out that he have a rock (who known later was the extra-terrestrial thing). He was infected, the DOD refuse to take his friend because the DOD thought the astrounouts who landed on the moon are highly infected.

Well, even for someone who rare to watch horror movies like me, this movie is not quite scary at all. The sound do well, but it’s not make my mood frightened at all, and i think the plot is really fast, too fast. It just take less than 10 minutes to take them go out from the orbit and there are about one hour scene showed us the Moon’s condition, and half hour for three astronout have a real fight with this alien. The idea is quite briliant, i mean if we are dealing with zombies and vampires here on earth, and then one place out there that we are finally touch was full of these creatures. Then where is the safe place going anyway?


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