Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

8/10  Sequel Challenge: Accepted!

Well, well, well , this movie was the best detective movie that i ever saw. More action, smart villain, smarter heroes, one thing that actually  miss from this movie is the love story between Holmes and Irene. And if you still haven’t watch the first movie, it’s not a big deal because the story is a brand new story, except the relationship heroes-villain between Sherlock and Moriarty that will never last. And yes that’s makes me wonder because in the first movie, Moriarty take an electromagnetic device which is really priceless at that moment, but that stuff didn’t have a part in the second movie, maybe Guy Ritchie still locked it for the third movie (i hope there will be the third movie).

Sherlock has a little lonely feeling in his social life, Watson get married, and his Capulet, Irene still working for Moriarty, the part that he don’t know about it. That’s why he bustle himself, studying stuff that he didn’t know yet. And finally, in this movie, Professor James Moriarty appear in front of audience and Sherlock, because i would be a little weird if Sherlock knows exactly how he looks like and we are not right?

But actually the cast of Moriarty made me little disappointed, it’s a little bit too old and in my mind, Moriarty is a person who actually very similar with Holmes in brains and physical too. But anyway, the cleverness contest between them is actually worth to see, even in the last part of the movie, you’ll see a scene between them who make an estimate in their mind, what is the next step? if i hit him on his face what he’ll gonna do? The reason why the sub of the title is A Game of Shadows maybe represent this scene.

Like i said before the movie have more action stuff than the first movie, well in the beginning maybe it’s a little slow and corny, but after the wedding between John and Mary, the business is actually begin. Took the idea from clash between Germany and France, and the beginning of Revolution of Industry at United Kingdom,the story begin when Sherlock suspect Moriarty who have the responsibility for many bomb that explodes around UK. This movement could be dangerous because it will rise a war between France, Germany, and all country in Europe which still haven’t decide which country would be their alliance.

Things becomes more clearly when the dynamic duo find Simza, a Gypsy woman who have a brother that work for Moriarty. They find more evidence that Moriarty is the person who makes shit happens while searching Simza’s brother. The coolest thing in this movie is how the cast use a hard-device-weapon which is just invented at that moment. The weapon make the chase-scene between Holmes gang and the German army was really exciting to enjoy. Mix of heartbeating situation and the slow motion scene never really good like that.

Well after watched this movie, we all come in one question: Will  the third movie make? Well i hope so, first the situation of Irene and Moriarty not clearly yet, and like other movie there will always be good guy with his love and the bad guy right? that makes movie worth to watch right?. Conclusion, this movie closed 2011 with style .

smart people always cool in their own way

Just wondering if you already watch this movie (especially the fighting scene in the train when Robert make up himself), do you agree if Robert Downey Jr. is the best cast for replace Heath Ledger as The Joker?


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