Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal

1. Can You Feel My Heart
2. The House Of Wolves
3. Empire (Let Them Sing)
4. Sleepwalking
5. Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake
6. Shadow Moses
7. And The Snakes Start To Sing
8. Seen It All Before
9. Antivist
10. Crooked Young
11. Hospital For Souls
12. Join The Club (available in Deluxe Album)
13. Chasing Rainbows
14. Deathbeds – feat. Hannah Snowdon (available in Deluxe Album)

new line up. the new guy is the rightest person.

Sempiternal was the fourth album of Bring Me The Horizon. The band create this album with new line up, added Jordan Fish, formerly from a band called Wisdom as keyboardist & programming stuff. The album released on April 2nd 2013 worldwide. Sempiternal itself means “Everlasting Time”, maybe the closest word for that is eternal (please correct me if i’m wrong..). So far, the album already produced two singles: Shadow Moses and Sleepwalking (which is in my opinion this two songs is the best songs in the album).

Since the first album, BMTH always make a slightly changes with their sound of music. The music of Count Your Blessing, the band’s first album, if you want to say that this is the original music of BMTH itself maybe keep fader and fader when the new album come. Now, the keyboards sound have a major part in near every BMTH song. The other change is how Oliver Sykes, the vocalist sing. In the first album every song he sang is in kind of full screaming mode, but maybe he tired with the tight schedule of performed in live show, maybe it’s a better idea if he reduce the amount of the screaming thingy in the songs. Maybe…that’s why BMTH’s sounds different nowadays. Less pressure to the vocal though. The other reason, maybe BMTH try to make their music more friendly (radio friendly, tv material friendly, in sum is more ear friendly), and in my opinion, they did it splendidly. The second album, Suicide Silence, still have an “original” sound of BMTH, but when the third album comes, when the band start to used keyboards sound in more parts or the songs, and in some songs added a female voice, they gain more listener and expand their fanbase due to the expanding their music core from just metalcore, and now they are more open to slow beat songs and even added some electro sound.

sandpit turtle, internet jokes about the lyrics in Shadow Moses song when Oli sang it “This is SEMPITERNAL”. But when some people heard it first, this is what they hear. ngek.

And how about Sempiternal? Fish directly taking control and give his greetings to the listeners in the first song of the album, Can You Feel My Heart. Keyboard sound is dominating the song and kind of make a good impression because the sound is hanging in my ears over and over. The screaming vocal like the first album if i’m not allowed to say it was disappeared, i’ll say it: it just have <5% of them. But i didn’t say it’s a bad news, because in my opinion what Oli do is still match with BMTH music and it still OK to hear, some say it’s better because we can figure out what Oli’s sang without see the lyrics first haha. Some of other songs is kind of have a similar beat and tunes for me. The House Of Wolves, Empire (Let Them Sing), and Crooked Young were that songs. The songs that have a “catchy” beat is Sleepwalking, Shadow Moses, Antivist, Can You Feel My Heart, and Hospital For Souls. Some of lyrics stuck in my head, i’ll quote from Hospital For Souls:

Everybody wants to go to heaven,
But nobody wants to die.

That sentence kind of describe what i see in some people behavior. People always want a happy ending, but in the journey we always make mistakes, sometimes we do it consciously. And in the end, we terrified to meet the consequences.

So in sum, the album is good to hear and great to get. In my opinion, BMTH is one of a little number of band that can survive after the band had a little changes. Paramore, Panic! at The Disco with the band member changes, MCR with musical changes, are some examples that fail to avoid the “changing effect” of the band. So enjoy it while you can :]

Artist : Bring Me The Horizon
Label : RCA / Epitaph
Genre : Post Hardcore
Recommended Songs : Sleepwalking, Can You Feel My Heart, Antivist, Shadow Moses

Rate : 8/10


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